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Time With the Children in Worship – As Pastor Doug speaks with children who are participating in worship, he may engage them from time to time to submit or share personal reflections (drawings, photos, poems) on his message.  Contingent upon permission from the parents or guardian, results may be shared during worship.  To grant permission, please submit a release form.


Sunday, September 20, 2020
16th Sunday of Pentecost
“God’s Mercy and Grace:  It’s Just Not Faire”
by Rev. Christina Hough, Guest Pastor

Liturgy & Music PDF:  [download here]

Philippians 1:21-30 / Matthew 20:1-16

Matthew narrates one of Jesus’ controversial parables in which Jesus says that the reign of God is like that of a landowner who pays his workers the same wage no matter what time of day they began to work. When God changes God’s mind about punishing Nineveh for their evil ways, Jonah is angry. Yet God is gracious and merciful, abounding in steadfast love. In baptism we receive the grace of God that is freely given to all. As Martin Luther wrote, in the presence of God’s mercy we are all beggars. 

Sunday, September 13, 2020
15th Sunday of Pentecost
“Debts, Trespasses & Sins”
by Doug Gebhard, Interim Pastor

Liturgy & Music PDF:  [download here]

Genesis 50:15-21 / Matthew 18:21-35

We know that forgiveness is at the heart of the Gospel.  Jesus teaches about it repeatedly.  But maybe we don’t really get HOW central forgiveness is until we let these words of Jesus sink in: “And in anger his lord handed him over to be tortured until he would pay his entire debt.  So my heavenly Father will also do to every one of you, if you do not forgive your brother or sister from your heart.”  That’s harsh; that’s scary.  Why would Jesus say this?

Due to technical difficulties incurred on 9/6/20, a recorded copy of this worship has not been made available.  Our apologies for any inconvenience.

Sunday, September 6, 2020
14th Sunday of Pentecost
“I Am There”
by Doug Gebhard, Interim Pastor

Liturgy & Music PDF:  [download here]

Romans 13:8-14 / Matthew 18: 15-20

Paul’s letter to the church at Rome is another of his admonitions about love as the foundation of Christian community.  All we do should be to the benefit of neighbor.  Love is the new Law.

In the very familiar words of Matthew 18 (a little too familiar I think), Jesus teaches about church conflict and how to deal with it in a healthy way: talk to another not about another.  Then he says he’ll be present when two or more are gathered.  He would be amongst us WHEN WE’RE IN CONFLICT.  That’s very different than conjuring him up when we want him.