Wednesday Evening Study Series (Apr. 29 – May 27)



Pastor Doug Gebhard will offer a new Wednesday night remote biblical study series entitled “Justice and the Prophets”.

The Bible will be used as our source as participants are asked to read scripture passages in advance and come to the study prepared to dialogue over the passage.

Sessions will begin at 7:00 pm each week using Zoom, an online conferencing tool, and will run for 5 weeks. Sessions are expected to run approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour.

Please contact the church office for meeting details.


WEEK 1 – (04/29/20)  A Vision of Restoration (Zephaniah 3)
The prophet Zephaniah proclaims the day of restoration when God’s people shall be returned to righteousness, justice, and peace.
Lesson materials:  [download here]


WEEK 2 – (05/06/20)  Peace and Justice Reign (Zechariah 8)
The prophet Zechariah delivers God’s promise of a new world of peace and prosperity for God’s people.
Lesson materials:  [download here]


WEEK 3 – (05/13/20)  Practice Justice (Jeremiah 21)
Jeremiah tells us that God is a God of justice and will recompense evil.
Lesson materials:  [download here]


WEEK 4 – (05/20/20)  Repent of Injustice (Jeremiah 2)
Through the prophet Jeremiah, God exhorts the people either to repent of injustice and deliver those who are oppressed or to face destruction.
Lesson materials:  [download here]


WEEK 5 – (05/27/20) Return to Love and Justice (Hosea 11–12)
Hosea reminds us that love and justice are God’s standards.
Lesson materials:  [download here]