Book Clubs

Reading is good for your brain. ..
Book clubs are sociable and prompt discussion with old or new friends. …
Reading things you might not have otherwise can expand your horizons. …
Book clubs offer a way to reflect on our society today through the lens of faith. …
Book clubs are fun!

Faith in Action Book Group (via zoom)

The zoom book group will begin a new study on Thursday, January 18th from 7-8:30 pm and meet every other Thursday evening. The selected book is Uncomfortable Conversatoins with a Black Man by Emmanuel Acho.  In it, the author provides a safe space for curious white people to answer the questions they have been afraid to ask, such as “How can I have white privilege if I’m not wealthy?” or “Is racial profiling OK if black people commit more crimes?” or a favorites of his is “If black people can use the N word, why can’t I?”.   If you would like to join the discussion, contact the church office for the zoom link and schedule.

Every Other Thursday

at 7:00-8:30 pm

On Zoom (link required)

Winter sessions begin 01/18/24