Worship Changes

Effective March 6th


  • Wearing a mask/face covering will be optional–Mindful that some are still concerned about COVID transmission or medically at risk, we will dedicate two pews in the back as “Mask Only” for those uncomfortable sitting next to someone without a mask. We encourage people to enjoy worship online if they have even mild respiratory or gastrointestinal symptoms.

  • Passing the Peace–This will be done person-to-person. However, this isn’t mandatory. Others may find meaning in an alternative form of sharing Christ’s peace, e.g. hand gestures, waving.

  • Offering–The Offering plates will not be passed in the pews. Your offerings can be made electronically, via mail, by using the Offering basket in the narthex, or dropping by the church office.

  • Pre-COVID liturgy–Liturgical elements have slowly been re-instituted over the past couple of months and will be fully in place by March 6th.

  • Children’s sermon–Pastor Doug won’t be masked for his time with the kids.

  • Pastor will greet after worship–Pastor Doug is among those who are in the “at risk” category due to medical conditions, and he’s aware that some folks are still exercising caution when in public. He will greet people as they leave worship and he will wear at mask at this time.

  • Start To Be Determined:
    In-person communion–Two Communion assistants are needed for both services. Recruitment for these folks has just begun so we’ll resume in-person Communion when we get assistants. Until then, we’ll continue to offer “pre-packaged communion.” This option will continue after we resume serving Communion in-person.