COVID-19 Updates @ Trinity

by | Mar 16, 2020

This site will be maintained with active updates as it pertains to Trinity’s response to the COVID-19 virus.

 Campus Re-opening to Group Gatherings (as of 02/22/21) – An update from Church Council on re-opening the Parish Hall for ministry team and small group gatherings, effective 03/01/21.

New COVID Precautions (as of 11/17/20) – An update from Church Council and Pastor Doug on reclosing the campus, effective 11/23/20.


Fall Virus Uptick (as of 11/12/20) – While virus cases are increasing in the area, Trinity continues to re-inforce re-entry guidelines adopted in June 2020 at this time.


Phase II Church Campus Update (as of 07/07/20) – A summary of the Phase II re-entry recommendations adopted by Trinity’s Church Council on 07/20/20 for facility use on the Trinity campus by ministry teams and external organizations.


Green Phase Church Campus Update (as of 06/09/20) – A summary of the Phase I re-entry recommendations adopted by Trinity’s Church Council on 06/15/20 for reopening the church building for weekly in-person worship.


Transition Re-entry Team (as of 05/28/20) – A transition re-entry team has been formed using numerous scientific, medical, insurance, Synod, ELCA and ecumenical documents.  These are a sampling of the documents:  ELCA In-Person Guidelines, Church Mutual Return to Worship Guidelines, and Questions for Church Leadership to Consider (published by the Wisconcin Council of Churches).

And, a 3-minute survey has been released to the congregation to let us know your feedback.


Yellow Phase Update (as of 05/21/20) – An update from Church Council on summer worship, campus use and re-entry team formation.

  • Summer Worship: Worship will continue to be streamed live at 10:00 am Sundays on the church Facebook page under “videos” until further notice. In-person worship will not resume until the “green phase” of Pennsylvania is declared.
  • Yellow Phase Campus Use: Church Council met on Monday, May 11th and determined that during the “yellow phase” of COVID-19 recovery, ministries will now be permitted to begin using the church campus for gatherings of 25 people or less. All guidelines established by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania must be observed.
  • Re-Entry Transition Team: A re-entry team has been formed and tasked with establishing guidelines for full campus use when Trinity moves into the “green phase” of Pennsylvania’s re-opening. Team members include: Pastor Doug, L. Slatt, R. Montelaro, J. Hein and R. Hurt.


Reopening Letter from Bishop (as of 05/05/20) – An update from Bishop Kusserow on Reopening Guidelines


Return to Normal Update (as of 04/21/20) – An update from Church Council on discernments surrounding future reopening decisions.


Trinity Campus Shut Down (as of 3/18/20) – TELC’s statement for suspension of church activities


Coronavirus Response for Worship (as of 3/13/20) – TELC’s suggestions/actions to slow down the spread during worhsip.


Our Church, Our Neighbors and COVID-19 (as of 3/12/20) – WPA Synod Statement.


Pastoral Letter: Coronavirus (as of 3/12/20) – A statement by Pastor Doug on precautions being made at Trinity.