COVID-19 Updates @ Trinity

by | Mar 16, 2020

This site will be maintained with active updates as it pertains to Trinity’s response to the COVID-19 virus.  Most recent updates will be listed at the top.

  • Update on Worship Plan in Response to recent CDC Guidelines (as of 05/18/21) – An update from Church council on steps taken to cautiously relax pandemic restrictions for worship and use of the church campus buildings.
  • Worship Re-opening in Sanctuary (as of 03/15/21) – Church council is re-opening in-person worship services starting Easter Sunday, April 4th, for both an 8:30 am & 10:00 am worship opportunity.  Beginning April 11th and throughout the summer, one in-person worship service will be offered @ 10:00 am until such time council makes a determination for the fall 2021 season, or in-person attendance volumes require further assessment.  Facial coverings and social distancing will be observed until further notice.
  • Campus Re-opening to Group Gatherings (as of 02/22/21) – An update from Church Council on re-opening the Parish Hall for ministry team and small group gatherings, effective 03/01/21.
  • New COVID Precautions (as of 11/17/20) – An update from Church Council and Pastor Doug on reclosing the campus, effective 11/23/20.
  •  Fall Virus Uptick (as of 11/12/20) – While virus cases are increasing in the area, Trinity continues to re-inforce re-entry guidelines adopted in June 2020 at this time.
  •  Phase II Church Campus Update (as of 07/07/20) – A summary of the Phase II re-entry recommendations adopted by Trinity’s Church Council on 07/20/20 for facility use on the Trinity campus by ministry teams and external organizations.
  •  Green Phase Church Campus Update (as of 06/09/20) – A summary of the Phase I re-entry recommendations adopted by Trinity’s Church Council on 06/15/20 for reopening the church building for weekly in-person worship.
  •  Transition Re-entry Team (as of 05/28/20) – A transition re-entry team has been formed using numerous scientific, medical, insurance, Synod, ELCA and ecumenical documents.  These are a sampling of the documents:  ELCA In-Person Guidelines, Church Mutual Return to Worship Guidelines, and Questions for Church Leadership to Consider (published by the Wisconcin Council of Churches).  And, a 3-minute survey has been released to the congregation to let us know your feedback.
  •  Yellow Phase Update (as of 05/21/20) – An update from Church Council on summer worship, campus use and re-entry team formation.
    1. Summer Worship: Worship will continue to be streamed live at 10:00 am Sundays on the church Facebook page under “videos” until further notice. In-person worship will not resume until the “green phase” of Pennsylvania is declared.
    2. Yellow Phase Campus Use: Church Council met on Monday, May 11th and determined that during the “yellow phase” of COVID-19 recovery, ministries will now be permitted to begin using the church campus for gatherings of 25 people or less. All guidelines established by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania must be observed.
    3. Re-Entry Transition Team: A re-entry team has been formed and tasked with establishing guidelines for full campus use when Trinity moves into the “green phase” of Pennsylvania’s re-opening. Team members include: Pastor Doug, L. Slatt, R. Montelaro, J. Hein and R. Hurt.
  •  Reopening Letter from Bishop (as of 05/05/20) – An update from Bishop Kusserow on Reopening Guidelines
  •  Return to Normal Update (as of 04/21/20) – An update from Church Council on discernments surrounding future reopening decisions.
  •  Trinity Campus Shut Down (as of 3/18/20) – TELC’s statement for suspension of church activities
  •  Coronavirus Response for Worship (as of 3/13/20) – TELC’s suggestions/actions to slow down the spread during worhsip.
  •  Our Church, Our Neighbors and COVID-19 (as of 3/12/20) – WPA Synod Statement.
  •  Pastoral Letter: Coronavirus (as of 3/12/20) – A statement by Pastor Doug on precautions being made at Trinity.